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Our staff is committed to caring for your children. Teachers are graduates of a recognized child studies program. Our Director, Supervisor, and staff have received many compliments for their commitment to open communication with parents.

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Looking for a preschool program that’s the right fit for your child’s care?

Preschools help children develop their cognitive, verbal, and perceptual skills. Our play-based preschool programs improve your child’s social skills allowing them to learn beyond exploring and participating in activities that inspire their curiosity.

Our classrooms are arranged around interest areas, learning and play centers. These specified areas allow children to play and explore materials with the supervision of our caring staff either independently or in small groups.

We’d like to share a few important practices to help foster your child’s growth in your home.

Promoting Independence

Raise the bar and your child will probably stretch to meet it.

Resist doing for them what they can do themselves.

Don’t redo what they’ve done.

Let your child solve simple problems.

Assign a simple chore.

Encouraging cooperation

Praise is key.

Develop predictable routines.

Give advanced notice before transitions.

Use sticker charts and rewards sporadically only when needed

Give structured choices.

Avoid using “if” statements. Say “When”

Disciplining Effectively                                                                                                                                

Rely on distractions.

Prevent good-bye meltdowns. Make choices that will ease the issue ie a favorite item to carry, give them notice, less words is helpful

Involve them in righting their wrongs.

Don’t delay discipline.

If you must reprimand your child, do so when you see them misbehaving.