Summer Safety Day care



Child care – Practice Summer Safety.


Consider the importance of protecting your children when you practice summer safety.



Woodland Childrens Day Care would like to remind you to practice child safety and enjoy your summer!



Sun Rays


Protect your children from the sun. The sun’s rays reflect off of the sand, water, and other reflective surfaces. To help prevent UV damage using sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses will also play an important role.


Insects & Bugs


Protect Against Bugs by using insect repellent to guard against potentially disease-carrying mosquitoes (West Nile) and ticks (Lyme Disease) and other viruses.


Plenty of Fluids


Prevent dehydration – especially when playing sports, it’s important to take plenty of water breaks.


Protect their Heads


Don’t Forget the Helmet – wearing a helmet whenever children ride anything with wheels, such as a scooter, bicycle, or roller skates will reduce the risk of injury to their head.





By the Poolside


Guard Against Drowning – if your child will be near a swimming pool, it is crucial to have multiple safety measures in place to keep them safe.


Supervise with all your attention – any cell phone activity, no matter how short, takes your attention away. A child can put their face in the water and be disoriented in seconds, not knowing which way is up.


The number of accidental drownings is alarming, with an average of 3,600 children injured in near-drowning incidents per year.


Woodland Childrens Day Care promotes playground safety/