Be My Valentine

This is a day to express what you or your friendship means to your family and friends through words, gifts and actions.

Ways to Celebrate your Valentine’s Day with meaning.

Express your loveshow gratitude, compassion, and love for the world
Be A good friend – share what it means to be a good friend.
Spend Time together – make something with your child, a food, a craft, play music.

Give the gift of love to your children by showing & teaching them the true meaning of love!

Make a craft with your child.

A simple heart crafted by a young child can touch the heart more than a store-bought card.

Fun with Food in a heart shape.

Make popcorn and glue it to colourful paper in many sizes.

Most importantlyBe my Valentine.
Celebrate and cheer your child’s best efforts.

We often focus more on accomplishments like winning. Cheer your childs efforts, for learning new concepts or willingness to try a new activity.

Words of encouragement to recognize your child’s efforts, even if they don’t result in winning is a wonderful way to teach love.