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Woodland Daycare Reviews

Our child has been enrolled in Woodlands for nearly three years now and is finally heading to kindergarten.

In my opinion Woodland is the best of the best. They have: accommodated as best they could our need for childcare during the coronavirus pandemic, organized the children to make keepsakes for mothers day/fathers day/Christmas, ensured our child gets outdoor time with his peers twice a day, bent arrival timing rules when our child had appointments, and have been actively engaged in our child’s transition to the public school system.

The staff are friendly, engaged and clearly care deeply about the children they care for. Even the staff tasked with preparing meals are on a first-name basis with our child.

The waitlist to get your child into Woodlands is long for good reason.

~ Chris Rathwell

Our daycare reviews

Woodland Children’s Centre has offered an unrivaled level of childcare for decades. Terri and Duncan have provided an exceptional experience for children over multiple generations now, as I myself attended this centre nearly 30 years ago and now have my daughter enrolled here. The Early Childhood Educators and Assistant Educators employed here are among the best in the industry and consistently provide exceptional care. Highly recommended!

~ Dan F

Woodlands daycare reviews

We have been lucky to be part of the Woodlands family over the past several years! We are grateful we found them, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for childcare. All of the teachers are caring, responsible, and fun. The management staff are deeply committed and involved, and their communication, especially during the pandemic, has been outstanding. The facility, including the back playgrounds are fantastic and spacious, so much for the kids to play with. We will miss everyone at Woodlands, but thank them all SO much for everything they have done for our family 🙂

~ Kate Felice

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