Art activities engage the imagination through exploring creativity.

When a child is given the opportunity to create something all on their own it nurtures their emotional health.

It develops self-expression when they can try out new ideas and builds problem-solving skills.





When young children participate in arts and crafts it provides them with the opportunity to engage and stimulate the mind in more ways than we realize. They are learning and experiencing on several levels and through all their senses, including the sense of accomplishment establishing the foundation for their future.

creative play childcareIt’s the first step to cultivating creative thinking, problem-solving and exploring ideas.




Our day provides a variety of activities for children to explore creativity through a range of materials.

Arts and Crafts can be experienced through paints, food, nature, fabrics, colours, textures, and more.

By participating in art projects children learn, develop and grow through:

  • Stimulating Creativity and Sensory Exploration
  • Art Techniques and Self-expression
  • Spatial Reasoning and Risk-Taking
  • Fine Motor Skills and Coordination

Your child’s creativity and emotional health are fostered through planned arts and crafts time in our daycare.

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