Woodland Children’s Centre has reopened under the new enhanced requirements.

Our families and staff come each day and go through a thorough assessment process prior to entering the building.

  • Assessment questionnaire
  • Temperature taking
  • All personal belongings are sanitized prior to going in the building and kept in a personal poly drawstring bag
Starting the day safely is our top priority at our assessment tent.

Starting the day safely is our top priority at our assessment tent.

A staff member then takes the child to their teacher to begin their fun-filled day. We have totally revamped all of our programs to follow the Ministries guidelines which in turn will keep everyone safe and still manage to learn through play.

Our new floorplan follows the new requirements for re-opening.

  • Carpets have been removed and replaced with mats that are washable
  • Fabric toys and any wooden toys that would not sustain the multiple cleaning have been removed
  • Spaces and activities have been planned for physical distancing
  • Toys and equipment are rotating constantly for extra sanitization
  • Teachers serve the meals instead of family-style
  • Extra space between the cots/cribs
  • Staff wear masks during food handling and diaper changing or when physical distancing is not possible ( such as a cuddle)
  • We are under strict guidelines to have no visitors in the building, and monitor the staff movement as well.
  • The playgrounds have been separated into smaller areas to allow more classes to be outside 3 times daily weather permitting.

The children have adapted beautifully and are fully engaged in handwashing and parallel play.

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