Fun, joy, and love in our daycare for the Christmas season.

Even though Santa’s Elves could not come in 1 night this year to enjoy some pizza, music and silliness. They managed to decorate the centre for our precious cargo.

Walking the halls when bringing the children into the centre had many of them seeing the snowmen, trees, and Christmas characters they love.

We all acknowledge how different this year is, but nothing has changed with the wide-eyed look of a believer of Christmas!”

Daycare Christmas Tree

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas at our daycare.

childcare christmas greeting

Cheerful Greetings for a Happy Season!

Frosty decor child care

Frosty brings smiles to the little one’s faces at our daycare.

Decorated Tree

Christmas decorations bring this tree to life!

Santa decor at daycare

Deck the Halls with Christmas Spirit!

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safe, loving environment, which will allow each child
to explore and developmentally grow.