Learn about Love on Valentines Day

Be My Valentine

This is a day to express what you or your friendship means to your family and friends through words, gifts and actions.

Give the gift of love to your children by showing & teaching them the true meaning of love!

Ways to Celebrate your Valentine Day with meaning.

Express your loveshow gratitude, compassion, and love for the world
Be A good friend – share what it means to be a good friend.
Spend Time together – make something with your child, a food, a craft, play music.

Make a craft with your child.

A simple heart crafted by a young child can touch the heart more than a store-bought card.

Fun with Food in a heart shape.

Make popcorn and glue it to colourful paper in many sizes.

Most importantlyBe my Valentine.
Celebrate and cheer your child’s best efforts.

We often focus more on accomplishments like winning. Cheer your childs efforts, for learning new concepts or willingness to try a new activity.

Words of encouragement to recognize your child’s efforts, even if they don’t result in winning is a wonderful way to teach love.

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Showing families the Way

The Woodland sign has been showing families the way since 1987. These past few weeks our beautiful cedar logo received a well deserved facelift!

Thank you to Duncan, Jeremy, Stephen, T,J & Blake for looking after her so well.

Practice Summer Saftey!

Summer Safety Day care

Consider the importance of protecting your children safe this summer.

Sun Rays

Protect your children from the sun. The sun’s rays reflect off of the sand, water and other reflective surfaces. To help prevent UV damage along with using sunscreen, hats and sunglasses will also play an important role.

Insects & Bugs

Protect Against Bugs Using insect repellent to guard against potentially disease carrying mosquitoes (West Nile) and ticks (Lyme Disease) and other viruses.

Plenty of Fluids

Prevent dehydration – especially when playing sports, it’s important to take plenty of water breaks.

Protect their Heads

Don’t Forget the Helmet – wearing a helmet whenever children ride anything with wheels, such as a scooter, bicycle, or roller skates will reduce the risk of injury to their head.

By the Poolside

Guard Against Drowning – if your child will be near a swimming pool, it is crucial to have multiple safety measures in place to keep them safe.

Supervise with all your attention – any cell phone activity, no matter how short, takes your attention away. A child can put their face in the water and be disoriented in seconds, not knowing which way is up.

The number of accidental drownings are alarming, with an average of 3,600 children injured in near-drowning incidents per year.

Woodland Childrens Day Care would like to remind you to practice safety and enjoy your summer!

Thank you to the parents!

Many of our children are leaving our sanctuary this week to go on to JK, spend the summer at home or are moving away.

Thank you to the parents for your thoughtful gifts, cards and words of acknowledgment.

It means a lot:

For all your patience day to day,

For every tear you wiped away,

For “little hands” you gently hold,

And all the stories you have told,

For your consoling, tender heart,

And all the wisdom you impart,

For  silly songs & quiet times,

For peaceful naps & nursery rhymes,

For teaching children how to share,

For being kind & being fair,

For every shoe that you have tied,

And thoughtful; words that instill pride

For all the sweet things that you do,

To help the children all year through,

For being there in place of us…..

We’re grateful and we’ll always be!

  “Heartfelt by Heather”

A 100% day care inspection pass

Surprise Ministry of Education yearly day care inspection

Daycare day care Burlington
Daycare day care Burlington
Daycare day care Burlington

We had our surprise  yearly inspection today by the Ministry of Education  for our license  ( 5 months early).  I am so proud to announce that Woodland Children’s  Centre passed with 100%. 

Thank you to our hard working staff who continue to run a wonderful curriculum for the children of Burlington.

Terri Watt,