Read parents’ responses to comfort and safety concerns with our covid reopening protocols.

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Parent of a returning Toddler

We’ve been really impressed with how safe it’s been! As parents of a child who has chronic ear infections, we used to go through the same monthly routine. Our child would catch some type of bug, he would get a fever because he would get an ear infection, he would have to go on antibiotics, then he would be fine for a couple of weeks and we’d start all over again. Since our child went back to daycare in July, he hasn’t fallen ill a single time. To us, that shows strong evidence that Woodland’s has the proper protocols in place to keep our children safe while making sure those protocols are being followed by all staff and parents. Our son is excited to go to Woodland’s each and every day and we are so thankful for the outstanding care he receives while there.

Parent of a returning Toddler

Here is what I would say to the parents whose children are returning or just starting:

It’s nerve-wracking to send your child into someone else’s hands and feel ok about doing it.  That it’s the right decision and that they’re going to be safe.  Then you add COVID and it just seems impossible.  However, from the moment I dropped my girl off the very first day, I instantly felt good about our decision.  It was obvious how well organized; educated and prepared they were right from the start: with multiple temperature checks, distancing, more outdoor play and sanitization, to dealing with any remotely potential situations swiftly.

I know my girl is safe while she’s there.  They’ve somehow been able to walk the fine line between both loving and caring for our baby as they’ve always done while following the new and difficult guidelines that are a must to keep everyone safe.  I feel so good about our decision to return and am SO thankful it is to a wonderful place with amazing staff like Woodland.

Parent of a returning Preschool and a new Infant

Like most parents I felt some hesitation at first with sending my pre schooler back during this difficult time, but the Woodlands Family made the transition back so seamless and extremely safe. My daughter Lily absolutely loves going to the center everyday. The staff have gone out of their way to ensure the children are safe, healthy, and most of all enjoying themselves. I’m so happy with Woodlands that my 1 year old son will also be joining in a week. We thank the Woodlands family for caring so well for our children and prioritizing their safety always!

Parent of a returning Toddler (who had been at the centre 5 weeks before we closed)

My child is 17 months and is super attached to me. The first couple of days were a bit hard – she was crying which then made me cry but as soon as she entered the playground the crying stopped. I would call around 12ish to check up on her and the educators were all very nice and patient in giving me a full update on how her morning went. Every time I pick her up, she always has a huge smile on her face.  Yesterday was her 8th day at the center and she didn’t cry at drop-off 🙂 She actually didn’t even kiss me goodbye – she just wanted someone to bring her outside so she could play with her new friends. Ever since she’s been to daycare, she sleeps and eats better. Her whole attitude changed. That’s when I realized that sending her back was the best decision we made.

Parent of a returning 4 year old:

Woodland Children’s Center has been such an amazing place for my child. He had just started the center almost a year now and sadly with him starting school in September his time here will end soon.  I wish I had enrolled him earlier; the staff are absolutely second to none! When Covid happened and daycare was postponed, our lives all changed what a scary moment it was for all of us.  When the center emailed about the reopening I had no doubt or fear of bringing my son back.  The staff are like family, my son was so excited to see his teachers, play, be a kid again.  I see all of the steps the staff take to make sure my son is safe. He runs in with a big smile and walks out with a bigger smile, because he has had a great day.  With so much happening in this world having my son at the Woodlands center is one less worry for me and my family.

Thank you so much to all the staff for all your work and love, keeping our kids safe and happy!

Parent of a Toddler who is new to the Centre:

Woodlands has made our sons first daycare experience absolutely wonderful!  Their staff reassured our family that our son would be safe during these unprecedented times. With the way they’ve streamlined morning drop offs, consisting of temperature checks, questionnaires, sanitizer, social distancing markers, PPE on all staff, to making end of day pick ups easy. They’ve sent photos and reports which have really shown how dedicated they are to our son’s happiness and development.  There is no way he would have the day to day experiences if he was at home while we were working. We are extremely grateful for the way Woodlands has navigated creating a fun, welcoming environment for our son 🙂

Parent of a returning Toddler:

Following our review of comments by Sick Kids in Toronto and the American Academy of Pediatrics we had no reservations from a health perspective in sending our son back to Woodland. We do however have a renewed appreciation for the staff at Woodland, they have gone above and beyond in terms of putting procedures in place to protect children, parents and most importantly themselves from exposure. It took a little bit of adjusting to everyone in masks, but our child has returned to happily running into the facility and we are thrilled to see him thriving from his interactions with the staff and other children.

Parent of a returning Preschool and a new Infant

One of the reasons we initially chose Woodland Children’s Centre was the dedicated staff, who deeply care, some of which have been at the centre for over 15-20 years! Both our children have attended Woodlands (One graduate, one current). It is a comfort to know, especially during pandemic times, that Woodlands has a caring, dependable staff. The communication has also been excellent. Despite the barriers and not having direct contact with staff, the daily notes home, emailed pictures, and calls for any follow up or check in has been helpful and gives our family peace of mind in sending our daughter back to childcare at this centre.  Terri and Jade are in contact with public health on a daily basis making sure that the centre is safe and adhering to the protocols and guidelines.  They continue to share this information with parents and have been transparent with this process.  Thank you Woodland’s staff for making this transition back safe for all!

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